How would you go about collecting your favorite team?


What should I do first?

When individuals first start, I usually advise them to think about a few things. Do you have a favorite player that you would want to acquire? If you have a favorite team and like a range of collectibles, what level do you want to aim for while collecting?  Do you wish to collect contemporary, antique, or memorabilia cards? There is no right or wrong method to collect since it is all about your taste and what you like.


Topps and Panini are the two major card companies. The only business with a baseball license is Topps (which was just recently renewed). As a result, Topps is the only business permitted to utilize club names and emblems on its trading cards. Bowman is a division of Topps that specializes in rookies and prospects. Because Panini has exclusive rights to the NFL and NBA, Topps cannot utilize those sports’ names or logos. Leaf is another business that produces some excellent cards despite being unlicensed in all sports.

Card Boxes Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Only a few baseball card items, such as Topps Series 1, are sold at retail outlets such as Target and Walmart. They sell smaller, less costly boxes called blasters, which do not guarantee an auto or relic. They will, however, provide retail-only exclusives as an inducement to purchase, as well as the convenience factor. Retail boxes, in my view, are a wonderful choice for youngsters and set builders.

Hobby- A baseball card store, often known as a local card shop (LCS), offers the more costly hobby boxes, including guaranteed hits. A typical hobby package will include 1-2 autos, although this may vary.

Jumbo/Super Jumbo- These boxes are identical to hobby boxes, except they cost more and have more hits. To attract consumers, they vary considerably from product to product and may provide Jumbo-only versions.


Cards may be sent to one of two grading firms (Beckett or PSA) to be graded on a scale of one to ten to assess their condition. Beckett also rates the strength of a signature on a 1-10 scale depending on its completeness and boldness if one is requested. PSA has just included autograph grading in its services. Both firms will verify things that have been signed-in person, but Beckett’s service is relatively new. Although both companies accept cards, Beckett is more focused on contemporary cards, while PSA is more focused on antique cards. Not only will this enhance the card’s value, but it will also protect it while it is in the plastic slab.

Where Can I Buy Singles?

There are numerous sites to get single cards of your favorite club or player instead of boxes if you do not want to buy a box. The obvious first option is eBay. Collectors will find a fantastic location to acquire cards because of the large inventory and buyer safety when paying with Paypal. Check out our eBay store link on the front page.

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